COME ALIVE with a Raw Veda Consultation

Treatment normally begins with an hour's consultation to establish your overall state of health and your body type (or dosha) in Ayurveda:To book, call Louise 0272682009 
This will involve physical observation, pulse and tongue diagnosis, as well as analysis of your diet and  lifestyle, medical history, family history and social environment.

A programme of treatment is then carefully tailored to match your constitution, with the goal of optimising your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. You will be given a specific diet with medicines chosen according to ayurvedic principles. Your consultation will also determine your treatment regime - whether you need to detox, rebalance or rejuvenate - or perhaps do all three.

DETOX with a live-in 5-day Juice Fast Retreat

The body is basically a food-cycle. If you change what you put into it, if you stop toxifying it, fundamentally, you will deal with disease
(Adi Da Samraj)
August 13-17: Come Alive with a 5 day live-in detox at the beautiful retreat centre, Kawai Purapura in Albany with a program of juice feasting, cleansing herbs, vigorous massages, saunas or steam treatments, yoga, meditation, with talks and discussions and DVDs on related topics.
In the early days, people fasted towards the end of winter because their food stocks ran out. Today, we rarely get a chance to take a break from eating. If you are often sick, or lacking vitality, then you would benefit even more from a detox.  

REBALANCE - by doing something different and shifting your goalposts

Assimilation must equal elimination for health to be maintained (Adi Da Samraj)

How often do you remember to take a deep breath, to stop and enjoy the view, or walk barefoot on the grass?

Keeping healthy can be a delicate balancing act particularly in the unnatural environment of a city. Take some time to recharge your nervous system with nutrient dense herbs and superfoods. Put only these things into your body for a set number of days - along with some meditation, yoga, deep breathing and all good things. 

Treat yourself. Learn some simple dietary secrets that mean you don’t have to give up your favourite foods once your detox is over. You will be able to eat the things you love, whilst looking bright and feeling great. In the end, you'll buzz with renewed energy and a lightness of being.


with Ancient Elixirs 

The secret is to get the whole body into its natural state, in which it is naturally secreting all those substances that rejuvenate it (Adi Da Samraj)

Rejuvenation occurs naturally after you have taken the time to cleanse and rebalance. The changes to mind, body and spirit continue after the 5-day detox is over..
Begin with a few days of cleansing with specific juices and detoxing foods. Learn what your body already knew - that wholefoods nourish, plant elixirs rejuvenate and superfoods satisfy all that your body craves.

Restore yourself even more to a state of ease and well-being by luxuriating in a series of blissful body treatments using oils and herb packs. 

After such a restorative approach, you'll forget the meaning of stress, and become a pro at looking after yourself and not pushing  beyond what you feel capable of.