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What shall we juice?

GREENS from my graden

The message to the human beings from the natural world is this: Eat the green, and eat a little bit of the rest, and do not kill anybody in your effort to sustain yourself. Nuts, seeds and fruits are part of the raw diet. Principally, however, there is the green. (Avatar Adi Da Samraj)

The Green Domain needs help. We are using it up at an astounding rate yet our lives depend on it. On the Raw Diet, a natural intelligence awakens - a physical understanding. If you are feeling well, it is a time to eat. When your body begins to feel unwell, it is time to fast. Right and appropriate diet includes regular fasting, which can be one day or week, or a weekend a month, or longer once a year. Even missing a meal is a way of fasting. Regard it as part of the diet and not merely something you do instead of eating. Watch your body. Measure its wellbeing. Be aware of the body's signs.


Small amounts of fruits are useful, as are vegetables, seeds, nuts - but mainly the GREENS form the basis of fasting and eating Raw for they are nutrient-rich and have adequate protein for our human bodies. Increase your intake by adding juices. Take a look at the gorilla. Greens form the basis of their diets and look how strong and beautiful they are. Fruits make greens palatable. They have genuine qualities of cleansing and sluicing out the scum that lines the channels of our over-toxic bodies. Don't cut them out because of the sugar content. Use them wisely - and they offer maximum benefits. Sprouted seeds and pulses are vital too. If left to grow, they become greens..they are vital nutritional powerhouses. 


Herbs, native medicinal plants and wild edibles all have their place in your Rejuvenation program. They are some of the most nutrient dense plants on the planet, they play a vital supportive role and pack a powerful medicinal punch. Discriminate use of these enhances the benefits of your greens,fruits, smoothies and juices.

RAW PIZZAS AT MATAKANA MARKET: Raw Veda has a regular stall at Matakana Village Farmers Markets every Saturday. Come along and experience for yoursef the very ALIVE taste of food foraged and selected from the natural environment (or green domain), and prepared using traditional methods of preparation. You can see and taste the Life Force in the food that still has its enzymes because it hasn't been exposed to high heat. It keeps you happy all day. ,