Louise DL

Raw Veda Practitioner. Homeopath.

Naturopath. Herbalist.

Louise is a professional member of the NZ Association of Medical Herbalists,
the NZ Society of Naturopaths; the Australasian Ayurvedic Practitioners
Association (AAPA), the Australian Register of Homeopaths (AROH).



Next: Live-in Fast and Ayurvedic Detox

Tauhara Retreat Centre, Taupo

  April 22nd to 25th – 2022


Upcoming:  2022

Winter: July 29th – August 2nd
Spring: November 11th – 15th


COME ALIVE with a Raw Veda Consultation

DETOX with a live-in 5-day Juice Fast Retreat

REBALANCE – by shifting your goalposts

REJUVENATE – with Ancient Elixirs


Four healing Pillars of Knowledge

Raw Veda combines the following in healing ailments and selecting treatments





Louise DL

Who Am I?

Louise Darragh-Law is a practitioner who first qualified in Naturopathy in 1984. She was then moved to study Classical Homoeopathy and Herbal Medicine. In 1994, Louise turned to the traditional medicine of India, attended the College of Ayurveda in London and studied with Dr Vasant Lad and Dr Robert Svoboda in the UK and India. She established Ayurvedan Oasis in Melbourne in 2001 whilst continuing to travel to India several times for advanced clinical study.

Currently, 5- day programs are held in spring, summer, autumn and winter at Tauhara Retreat Centre in Lake Taupo and Aio Wira in Auckland.


“Best five days in a long time; will change my choices in life going forward; brought yoga back into my life; Louise is amazing” D. female Oct 2020

“I wish everyone could do this. It’s cleansing on many levels, and I’m leaving with a vitality and peacefulness I haven’t felt in a very long time” L. female Oct 2020

Thank you Louise for sharing your wisdom and creating such a lovely space – K female

Thank you so much, great experience. D. male


“Louise is an excellent source of knowledge; she made the fasting process so easy. I leave wanting more” S. Female Oct 2020

You have been a fantastic guide, facilitator, chef, taste expert. It’s been a wonderful experience. Noho ora mai, P. male Oct 2020

Thank you Louise for bringing us on this journey, sharing your knowledge, passion, stories, advice and always very generous, positive and supportive

Thank you Louise for such an amazing experience – I loved it and will return soon. C female  Oct 2020

Thanks Louise for sharing your amazing knowledge. I have loved the fast. Love A. female Oct 2020

Lovely to meet up with you again, K. female Oct 2020

Dear Louise, thank you for a wonderful weekend, for your advice, support, great story-telling. J female Oct 2020

A beautiful retreat, great location, very knowledgeable facilitator, great support, juices were delicious. Will be coming back (Maura Steens, Tauhara 2021)

Very professional and structured program, healthy and delicious juices, the facilitator went above and beyond; anyone considering such a retreat should not hesitate. (Maree Higgins, Tauhara Sept 2021)

A gentle approach and proactive program of events, from the depth and diversity of exercises, breathing exercises to meditation and yoga. I loved all juices! I wouldn’t ordinarily drink kiwi fruit juice and lots of fruit in juices, but I felt fine doing so. Louise had so much breadth of knowledge, very diverse. Louise has a lovely gentle approach in her Ayurvedic protocols and has developed a program that works incredibly well when undergoing a fast. For anyone new to fasting this is the best method. I have done many raw juice fasts but found it too challenging as it was all cold juices. Louise gives broths alongside healing teas and this simple approach has spurred me to do more myself. (Naomi Harris, Tauhara Sept 2021)

Hi Louise, I’ve been meaning to connect since Tauhara and to let you know how valuable I found you, your knowledge and the process of fasting. We are given this amazing opportunity with this life, this body and the senses within and yet not taught how to ‘be with’. I feel a lot more connected now. Thanks again and have an amazing day 🌈 J. male Oct 2020

The Juice Fast retreat really was such an incredible experience, and its changed our lives (without sounding too dramatic!) since coming back – just (as you said) being more conscious about things. And the meditation you took us through was so profound. Harder once I’ve returned to work and parenting for sure, but still there. So I am determined to keep what I learnt as much as possible and make lasting change. P. male Oct 2020

” I had the neurologist appointment last week and he has given me the okay to go back to full duties, very excited about this. I have had no further symptoms since your treatment and herbs, thank you so much. “

” Early last spring, I decided to put myself through a panchakarma programme. During the treatment I experienced incredible highs and lows, it was an amazing process and Louise was with me every step of the way. She was on call 24/7. Her commitment to my health was amazing and inspiring. After the two week process, I can honestly say I have never felt better, cleaner or more in control of my body and my health. I have not been sick AT ALL since the process. “

” I undertook a rejuvenation programme with Louise in Melbourne. Louise is an open book of fascinating knowledge, spending the time with her over the detox, having her support, was one of the most amazing experiences I have had in my life. “

” It has been an incredible experience that has tested me physically, emotionally and mentally. Louise is an excellent teacher and very knowledgeable. I couldn’t have done it without her. Thank you. “