Dangerous mistakes people make during a detox

If you are fasting in an environment where your process is being supported by a facilitator who knows how to interpret any issues that come up and can help you to get through with the addition of some extra nutrients, then there is not really a lot that...

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Anti Aging and New Years Resolutions

Over the course of the year, the most popular Juice Fast is just after Christmas and New Year. Around Christmas we all want to look good. We love being on holiday, love the indulgence of delicious food and drink and the mood of giving and receiving gifts....

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Juice Fasting Health Benefits

Why would anyone of sound mind want to stop putting food in their mouth for even one day, let alone five or ten days. So why decide to Juice Fast? My first fast, some 50 years ago, consisted only of equal parts cow’s milk (full cream) and water,...

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